How to Save $3000-5000+ on a New Car

Learn how you can save $3000-5000 off new car, without doing much “extra” research or spending ours negotiating with the dealer. This is not some gimmick or a latest Japanese Jedi Mind trick. Also you want have to like Ramit Sethi’s Indian parents camp out in a dealership and negotiate for a week. In fact, any one can use this method, and save a minimum of 3 grand (and often more) off a NEW car purchase. My method is based on doing as little research ad spending as little time as possible, while getting the best results. I only do… Read more »

Avoid buying Diamond Jewelry from Mall Chains (Zales, Kay, etc.)

The trick to getting the best deal on diamond jewelry is knowing where to shop. If you had to pick the “Walmart” of jewelry stores, what would it be? Most likely you would be thinking along the lines of such brands as Zales, Kay Jewelers and the Jewelry Exchange, and guess what? You would be wrong! While these large chains position themselves as having rock bottom prices on diamond jewelry, and create massive awareness via advertising, their prices are actually quite expensive especially given the mediocre to low quality of their diamonds. If you have a budget and are looking… Read more »

How to Save Money on Airfare – CHEAP Air Tickets

With sky high fuel prices, one of the major deterrents to travel, especially for families, is really expensive air fair. Like most people, including myself, you most likely spend a lot of time on different travel sites, searching for the best deal. I remember tracking tickets for a few months, checking the rates every day, before finding the lowest price, and finally clicking “buy tickets” overjoyed at what I used to think were savings of at least a few hundred dollars. Well guess what? If you do the same thing, then like me and many others unaware users of such… Read more »

Save Money on Accommodations in Asia

Are you dreaming of exploring Asia, but think you may not have the budget to make it happen? While air fair can be steep, especially if you are flying out of the US, you can save a lot of money on accommodations. The trick is NOT to book your hotel/room through the internet. While this may seem completely counterintuitive, since most people have come to regard the internet as the only source of finding discounts on everything under the sun, you would actually be overpaying at least 50%, for the “best deal” you find on line. Instead, for real savings,… Read more »

Wedding Party for CHEAP

Planning your wedding reception? I had to take many deep breaths when I was planning mine, trying to marry my fairy tale vision of this perfect party with the reality of a limited budget. After extensive research, countless phone calls and numerous disappointments, I finally settled on a venue that has all the things that are very important to me and my fiancé– a Russian Restaurant in Brookline, MA. If you are smiling and thinking, my guests will be eating borscht and pirojkis for dinner, you may be surprised to learn that Russian Restaurants in major metropolitan areas across the… Read more »